Patong Beach

10 Nightlight Activities in Patong Beach

Situated at the heart of Phuket Island and one of the favorite destinations of tourists from around the world, Patong beach offers a dynamic and enthralling atmosphere for anyone that visits. Its picturesque cafes, bars, restaurants, shops, nightclubs and pristine beaches, will sure show you with a good time, whether you are regular or a first-time visitor. Read on to find 10 of the finest things that you can’t miss the next time that you stop around to enjoy Patong nightlife:

Bangla Road

If what you’re looking for is a bustling night of celebration, Bangla Road is the place to go. The fun begins as soon as the sun sets; the fluorescent lights lure the people into the party, and the music starts emanating from every possible surface. With the streets closing off to traffic, the liveliness of the Patong nightlife activity takes off. Filled with bars in every corner, neon lights shining ablaze, cheap alcohol and exotic food, the most famous street in Phuket will make you feel as if you had just walked into another dimension.

Bangala Road can be a little overwhelming for the faint-hearted, with street vendors, music that is likely to become too loud at some point of the night, and the occasional person that has drunk too much. However, it’s a one in a lifetime experience that can’t be missed if you want to know the true spirit of the island and Patong nightlife.

Tiger Disco

Tiger Disco Patong
Tiger Disco Patong Phuket

Housed at the Tiger Complex, which is only a 10 minute walk from the beach, this discotheque and entertainment center will bring Vegas to a shame. Resembling a cave, it is divided in 3 floors, each one determined to highlight a particular aspect of Patong beach nightlife. The first floor, comprising around 1800 sqm, will present you with the famous Coyote girls, restaurants and over 60 bars such as Hell Boys Bar and Hungry Tiger Bar, some of them accompanied by pool tables. In the second floor, which is accessed through a staircase on the left side of the complex, partygoers will enjoy the three gigantic concrete tigers overlooking the street, the feverish dancefloor and a live band playing at the back of the room. The Hip Hop and Dance tunes of the DJ on the third floor bounce off the wall, it is less crowded and features more pool tables to relax if you get tired of the loud ambiance downstairs.

The complex closes at 5:30 AM, so you will have plenty of time to enjoy all of its amenities.

Illuzion Discotheque

One of the busiest Night clubs in Patong, this disco hosts diverse shows in its colossal structure: international DJ’s (Steve Aoki, Martin Garrix, Marshmello, Afrojack, and Tiesto to mention some) exclusive concerts, visual displays and even aerialists.

The massive dance floor, the almost as big LED wall, and the modern decoration come up together to offer you one of the coolest nights in Patong beach. It has different special offers throughout the night such as free drinks, free shots, and an open bar. If you still have doubts, the complex currently stands at #33 of the best nightclubs in the world!

Soi Sea Dragon

Soi Sea Dragon in Patong
Soi Sea Dragon Patong

“Soi”, a Thai word used for “small lane or road”, comes into perfect representation at this exuberant beer bar. The colorful and glimmering alley is one of the finest locations if you want to take a break or simply relax a little, grab a drink, and watch the passerby. Their kind staff will make you feel at home, and you will even get the chance to engage in a round of Ping Pong, Jenga, Connect 4, or Jackpot to your further unwinding. Sexy and funny bar girls will aso try to catch your attention as you stoll around, and drinks can rank from 90 to 100 baht.

Simon Cabaret

The glamorous night that you will experience at this Cabaret Show is like no other. This iconic ladyboy show will render you amazed not only with its colorful and stylish atmosphere but will also provide visitors with a good laugh and an ample professionalism embed in each musical presentation.

Originally inaugurated in 1991, Phuket Simon Cabaret has the capacity to house around 600 people, charming them with its display of lights and the cheerful enthusiasm of the artists. The dim lights of the place and the plush sofas add to the classiness of the place, its extravagancy represented in the mélange of its performers.

If you feel like it, you can opt to meet the artists after the show is finished and get a memorable photo to encapsulate this luxurious night. A different vibe to Patong nightlife, but without doubt worth it all the same.

Hollywood Patong Night Club

Hollywood Patong
Hollywood Night Club Patong

Yes, you heard that right. You can’t leave Patong without visiting the institution that is Hollywood Phuket, which will definitely make you feel as you were walking down the red carpet. This exclusive nightclub offers top quality drinks, from beers to savory cocktails, and hosts special celebrations for holidays such as New Year’s Eve and Cinco de Mayo.

With a classy yet uproarious atmosphere, it is a fairly large place comprising over 12,000 sqm, and it is divided in two different rooms with different ambience so you can freely decide which one suits you best. The décor dedicated to international celebrities and movies is accompanied by eclectic music styles by both live bands and experienced DJ’s.

The dazzling crowd and LED display will blow your mind while you enjoy the open bar from 9PM to 2AM.

Dream Beach Club

Dream Beach Club Patong
Dream Beach Club Patong

If you feel like mixing the cool vibes of a beach party and the lush of a night club, this beach club will become your favorite to go destination. No matter the time of the year that you decide to visit, Dream Beach Club will always have an event on its calendar to suit your preferences: international DJ’s, exclusive parties, Sunday brunches, and even corporate events.

Don’t miss the chance to indulge yourself in the crafted menus of Japanese, Italian and Thai dishes and drinks, all while you enjoy of this picturesque location in the heart of Layan Beach. If you want to nurture even further your experience on this paradise, don’t forget to try one of the sunbeds by the poolside!

Paradise Beach Club

Paradise Beach Club Phuket
Paradise Beach Club Phuket

Interested in creating long-lasting experiences? Paradise Complex will get you covered. The crystal waters and pristine sand will leave you speechless, making you feel in your own little heaven on earth, doing justice to its name.

You can visit this rather pleasurable location situated no more than an 8 minutes’ walk from Patong Beach during the day to engage in fun filled activities such as kayaks, volleyball matches, snorkeling, paddle boarding, and scuba diving. Let the glittering sun soak you in as you take a stroll trough the tree-lined beach, or indulge yourself in a shopping spree with the different shops offering top-notch jewelry, fashionable swimwear, and even exclusive artwork.

Or, if you prefer, unfold the party as soon as the sun sets and enjoy the fire shows, delicious beach barbecues and tasty drinks. There is also VIP secluded area if you and your friends want to make a night to remember out of it, just don’t forget to book the venue in advance.

Either way, don’t pass on the opportunity to discover this exciting location overlooking the turquoise waters of the Andaman Sea!

Rockin’ Angels Blues Café

Rockin' Angels Blues Café Phuket
Rockin’ Angels Blues Café

In case that you’re feeling a little overwhelmed by the loud and buzzling Patong nightlife, don’t hesitate to make a stop at Rockin’ Angels. Its distinctive atmosphere will make you feel relaxed and well-received, all while you take delight of one of the greatest music selections of America’s Blue.

The dimly lit place is decorated with red brick walls with guitars hanging from them, posters and records on display, and of course, fluorescent sings that radiate to perfection the spirits of the home styled bars across the pound. If you are a music lover, don’t hesitate to approach the mini-stage and jam along with the band playing!

You can come as early as 9PM and enjoy a broad selection of drinks and food as you follow the rhythm of the musicians.

Bangla Boxing Stadium

If you’re craving a different kind of entertainment, but nonetheless filled with enthusiasm, Bangla Boxing Stadium will surely not disappoint. This renowned Muay Thai arena, located right behind Jungceylon Mall on Bangla Road, is an excellent choice to submerge yourself in Thailand’s culture and enjoy one of the finest spectacles of Patong beach nightlife all at once.

Keep in mind, though, that is highly recommended to book your tickets in advance as the place can get packed. You can do so online and present the ticket either printed or in your phone at the counter. Matches normally take place on Wednesday, Friday, and Sunday, lasting on average 3 hours from 9PM to midnight. You can buy food and drinks to an accessible price to snack on while you enjoy the contests.

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